Possible Problems List:
Print out this page to take with you to the doctor's office or to your school's early intervention team.

1. Health Problems
2. Growth, height or weight problems
3. Eating problems – eats poorly or too much, etc.
4. Bowel and bladder problems, toilet training
5. Sleep problems
6. Aches and pains: earaches, stomach aches, head aches, etc
7. Energy problems; appears tired and sluggish
8. Seems to have trouble seeing
9. Seems to have trouble hearing
10. Does not pay attention; poor listener
11. Does not talk well for age
12. Speech is difficult to understand
13. Does not seem to understand well, slow to “catch on”
14. Clumsy, walks or runs poorly, stumbles or falls (ages 2 or older)
15. Clumsy in doing things with his hands
16. Immature; acts much
17. Dependent and clingy
18. Passive; seldom shows initiative
19. Disobedient; does not mind well
20. Temper tantrums
21. Overly aggressive
22. Can’t sit still; may be hyperactive
23. Timid, fearful, or worries a lot
24. Often seems unhappy
25. Seldom plays with other children
26. Other?

Do not limit yourself to only this list.